Repairs and Maintenance

In which circumstance your seat will be in, we will always think about the right solutions to get your own seat back into the original status. We are able to do this in a corrective as well as in preventive way.





After intensive use maintenance & repair of seats is needed. It is essential that this maintenance & repair, corrective and preventive, is carried out by skilled employees with the correct parts.

Who can do this better than who has designed and build the seat? Be-Ge service centers offers a variety of maintenance and repair program.

After a professional check of the seats a plan is being made in cooperation with the customer. Sometimes the replacement of some crucial parts is already sufficient to have the seat ready for future use.

The maintenance & repair is an attractive alternative. Maintenance & repair of seats is environment friendly and encourages sustainability and a social responsible business strategy.

Especially the Public Transport OEM-customers and transporting companies (national and international) are making use of this service already.

Our service mechanicals knows what your requirements are. And this is because our managed system of serial registrations. Just ask for a ‘RMA form’ and we repair at your location or in our own workshop.

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