Konstruktör/Projektledare till Be-Ge Seating AB

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ill du vara med att utveckla framtidens förarstolar till fordonsindustrin?
Vi söker en kreativ konstruktör/Projektledare som vill jobba med nykonstruktion, produktunderhåll och beräkningar. Vi erbjuder utvecklande arbete i en internationell miljö.

From Be-Ge Industri AB to Be-Ge Seating AB

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In order to clarify the company’s core business and affiliation within the Be-Ge Seating Division (BSD), as of May 1, 2019, a change of name is being made to Be-Ge Seating AB.

Vacation 2017

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During our vacation our distribution companies are opened to assist for customer service.

Exhibitions during 2015

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The spring begins slowly to appear, and with this also the exhibition are starting. During the spring and the early …

Opening during vacation 2016

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Vacation 2016 During the summer period we will have limited capacity in production and customer service according to following schedule …

Exhibitions during 2016

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During 2016 you will be able to see and try our products at several exhibitions in different industries. We will …