New Be-Ge 8752

Stina Eneman News

Our popular seat model Be-Ge 8652 is now to be replaced by the upgraded version Be-Ge 8752.
Among the updates there is a new design for the tilting mechanism of the seat, new length
adjustment of the seat cushion and new height adjustment of the back.
The updates are made to simplify the operation of the seat and to minimize wear.

Another new feature is that the new Be-Ge 8752 still can be combined with our Rotolifts, but also with the air suspension Be-Ge 3909.

Be-Ge 8652 will still be available parallell for a limited time and can be offered at individual offers.

Productinformation for Be-Ge 8752

Be-Ge 8752 with Rotolift 225


Be-Ge 8752 with Be-Ge 3909 air suspension